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An international custody dispute was not rendered moot by the return of the parties’ child to a foreign country pursuant to a federal court order issued under the Hague Convention. See “International child custody dispute isn’t moot” U.S. Supreme Court. ...

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A British father had the right to challenge his child’s relocation to the U.S. from Chile under the Hague Convention. See “British father can challenge child’s relocation” U.S. Supreme Court. Abbott v. Abbott, No. 08-645. May 17, 2010. Lawyers USA ...

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State court can dismiss Hague Convention petition

A state trial court had the power to dismiss a Hague Convention petition seeking the return of children from the United States to Mexico and decide child custody and related matters under state law, the California Court of Appeal has ...

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Father not entitled to custody

A father was unable to obtain custody of his children because he failed to establish that Australia was their habitual residence, despite the fact that the mother and children flew there for an indefinite visit to try to work on ...

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