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Ruling may save suits against generic drug makers

Since last year, when generic drug makers won a victory on the issue of federal preemption before the U.S. Supreme Court, lower courts have been dismissing cases against generic drug makers left and right. But last week a federal appeals ...

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Consumer group asks FDA to revise generic drug warnings

Federal regulations should be revised to allow generic drug manufacturers to update product labeling to warn patients about risks associated with their drugs, according to a petition filed last month with the Food and Drug Administration.

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In drug tort suits, it’s a name game

The Supreme Court ruling late last month that state-law failure-to-warn claims against generic drug makers are preempted by federal law – handed down just two years after the Court held that brand-name drug makers could face such suits – creates a legal discrepancy that leaves the majority of patients without recourse, some advocates say.

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Justices skeptical of law barring access to Rx info

WASHINGTON – During a lively debate about doctors’ privacy rights, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court seemed doubtful about the constitutionality of a Vermont law that gives doctors the right to refuse to provide prescription drug records to drug ...

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