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Generic drug maker faces liability for out-of-date warning label

Federal law does not preempt a product liability suit alleging that the maker of a generic form of Fosamax failed to update its warning label in conformity with revised brand-name warnings, the California Court of Appeal has ruled in affirming ...

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Fosamax litigation ready for next step in bellwether cases

Six years after the first Fosamax lawsuit was filed, litigation over the osteoporosis drug is about to start a new chapter. The suits against Merck, the drug’s manufacturer, fall into two categories: plaintiffs alleging they suffer from osteonecrosis, or jaw ...

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Fosamax verdict reduced, counsel sanctioned

An $8 million verdict for a plaintiff who suffered from osteonecrosis of the jaw after taking Fosamax is excessive, and the plaintiff must choose between a new trial on damages or a remittitur to $1.5 million, a U.S. District Court ...

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