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Taxes, courts, federal agencies face effect of fiscal cliff


The White House and congressional leaders continue to negotiate to prevent the federal government from falling over the so-called fiscal cliff – the set of automatic budget cuts and tax increases slated to begin on Jan. 2 absent congressional action. But if the government goes over the fiscal cliff, litigators may be among the first to notice.

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Federal judges brace for funding shortfall

Late last month, Judge Julia S. Gibbons went before a congressional subcommittee and made a pitch for $7 billion in appropriations for the federal judiciary next year – amounting to a 3 percent increase in this year’s funding. Gibbons, who sits on the 6th Circuit and chairs the Committee on the Budget of the Judicial Conference of the United States, painted a grim financial picture of what will happen to the federal courts barring congressional action: furloughs, layoffs, program cuts, the deferral of certain defense counsel services and, possibly, the suspension of the use of civil juries.

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Are health courts coming to a state near you?

Buried in the White House’s federal budget plan is a proposal to encourage states to reform their medical malpractice laws.

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The federal budget: What lawyers need to know

President Barack Obama released his budget requests for fiscal year 2012 on Feb. 14, seeking $3.73 trillion in total spending and claiming $1.1 trillion in spending cuts over the next ten years. Within the 216-page document are numerous items for ...

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