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Sordid email-intrusion case nets $325K verdict


At several points during a recent federal trial, Peter S. Brooks couldn’t help but wonder if he had somehow been transported to state Probate & Family Court. “At the very beginning of my closing argument, I told the jury, ‘I ...

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In-law didn’t violate privacy law by hacking e-mail

A woman didn’t violate the Stored Communications Act when she hacked into her brother-in-law’s personal e-mail in the course of a domestic dispute, the South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled in reinstating a summary judgment.

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The email revolution: More than just a smiley face

Email has almost entirely replaced the letter as the preferred source of communication among counsel. And it’s on its way to replacing the telephone call with clients. Lawyers must not overlook how this change has affected everything from informal conversation to client expectations and billing.

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Overlooked Outlook tricks

If you only use Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving e-mails and the occasional meeting request, you are missing some easy features that can save time and help you organize your files and deal with an overflowing inbox.

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