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You’ve got mail – and legal problems

It's fast, easy, and for some, completely irresistible. In fact, you've probably done it several times today already, as has nearly everyone you work with. But as convenient and efficient as e-mail is, for employers it can also be a "clicking" time bomb exposing them to security problems and potential liability, as well as costly and time-consuming system searches.

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Managing your cluttered e-mail inbox

For most attorneys, it's not uncommon to receive 150-200 new e-mails per day, approximately 25,000 per year. With that kind of clutter, tangled with SPAM and other unimportant e-mails, it's easy for a valuable e-mail concerning a client or case to get lost in the shuffle. Lawyers USA spoke with several tech-savvy attorneys about the steps they have taken alleviate e-mail overload, and here are some of their suggestions.

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E-mail newsletters: An easy, effective way to connect with clients

Many lawyers – especially those in small law firms – hesitate to develop e-mail newsletters because they’re concerned about the amount of work involved. They needn’t worry, said Trey Ryder, a legal marketing consultant in Payson, Ariz. E-mail newsletters are ...

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