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State couldn’t convict methadone user of DUI

A driver who took methadone by prescription could not be convicted of driving under the influence in the absence of evidence that he failed to take the drug in accordance with his doctor’s instructions, the Iowa Supreme Court has ruled ...

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Benchmarks: Police get green light to download vehicle crash data

A California court decided Wednesday that police didn’t need a warrant to download data about a vehicle’s speed and braking in the seconds before a fatal accident.

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Benchmarks: Segway rider escapes DWI charge

Police caught a Minnesota man tooling down the road with a blood alcohol level over twice the legal limit. But the man doesn’t have to worry about serious criminal charges because Minnesota courts have decided that his Segway isn’t a ...

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Breath test records admissible against DUI defendant

A DUI defendant’s Confrontation Clause rights were not violated by the admission of the certificate of calibration for the breath test machine used to determine the level of alcohol in his system, the Kansas Supreme Court has ruled in affirming ...

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