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Private judging ‘all the rage’ for quick-but-costly California divorces

In California, where celebrity divorces trigger media frenzies, privacy is premium. That’s why many celebrities are hiring private judges to oversee the dissolution of their marriages. And for non-celebrities, it’s a quick, although costly, alternative to clogged divorce courts.

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Solo has team approach to divorce litigation

Divorce litigation runs smoother, settles quicker, achieves better results and leaves everyone more satisfied when it is handled by a team of professionals, quarterbacked by the lawyer. That’s the philosophy that led Birmingham, Ala., solo John Wood to develop an ...

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Divorce 101: Dealing with dysfunctional clients

Although only one of his clients has ever pulled a gun, Henry Gornbein – a veteran divorce attorney in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. – is used to dealing with clients who are stretched to their mental and emotional limits. Sometimes, those clients snap. And divorce lawyers such as Gornbein find themselves managing not only the legal intricacies of complex divorce and custody suits, but also helping clients wade through the messy emotional morass of divorce.

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A divorce firm for men

Ads on sports radio. Ads on talk radio. Even ads over the urinals in the bathrooms at Seattle Coliseum. It’s a marketing plan for reaching male clients, and for the Seattle firm of Goldberg & Jones, which focuses on representing ...

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