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E-mails not grounds for divorce based on fault

A wife cannot use e-mails between her husband and another women to obtain a divorce on the grounds that his conduct endangered her “health and reason,” the New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled.

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Wife seeks $130,000 – per month

A Swedish countess divorcing her American husband is seeking payments of $130,000 per month to cover her estimated $53,000 weekly expenses.

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A waiver in a divorce decree is not sufficient to divest a wife of her interest in her ex-husband’s pension plan. Kennedy v. Plan Administrator for DuPont Savings and Investment Plan, No. 07-636. Jan 26, 2009.

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The ‘Constructive Divorce’

"I must confess that I have been guilty in the past of viewing litigation as a competition to be lost or won," attorney Mark Chinn writes in the prologue of his book, Constructive Divorce. Chinn has since seen the light. But this isn't a book about Chinn's personal epiphany. It is a tight little volume that provides practical advice on how, by modifying their mindset, lawyers can better serve their clients' long-term interests.

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Parent coordinators help divorced couples who won’t stop fighting

Michael Davidson, a family lawyer in Lexington, Ky., is used to dealing with high-conflict couples. But when clients continue feuding over daily child-rearing issues even after a custody order has been issued, he sometimes recommends a parent coordinator step in.

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