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‘Social abandonment’ doesn’t justify divorce

A wife wasn’t entitled to a divorce on the ground that she was subject to “social abandonment” by her husband, a New York appellate court has ruled in affirming a dismissal.

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California voters to ban divorce?

California is often ahead of the curve, legally speaking, but the latest proposed ballot measure in the state seems like a step backward: banning divorce.

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Hearings held in sportscaster divorce case

The public got a look at the private life of CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz, best known for his work during March Madness and golf tournaments like the Masters, last week during hearings in his divorce trial.

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New N.Y. law protects assets in divorce

New legislation in New York bars a party from altering the economic status quo of the marriage as soon as a divorce is filed, the Gotham Gazette reports .

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Divorce in America: Ind., Fla. counties are tops

Divorce is as common in the Florida Keys as fresh grouper and cold beer. Census statistics released this week show that Monroe County -- which includes the cluster of 1,700 islands floating off South Florida -- has the second-highest proportion of divorced residents. A little more than 18 percent of the people living in Monroe County are divorced, second only to Indiana's Wayne County, which had 19 percent. Nationwide, 10.7 percent of people over 15 are divorced.

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