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Benchmarks: Consulted firm disqualified in E. coli case

A Seattle firm with a nationwide reputation for handling food-borne illness cases will not be representing a child who allegedly became sick from E. coli after eating a salad at a Colorado restaurant. That’s because the Colorado Supreme Court decided ...

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Benchmarks: Screening doesn’t save firm from disqualification

The specter of disqualification can unexpectedly raise its ugly head whenever a lawyer switches firms. One law firm just learned that it could not avoid disqualification in a long-running real property case – no matter what it did to screen ...

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Benchmarks: Lawyer ‘wins’ right to represent his dad in divorce

Most lawyers would choose to walk barefoot over red-hot coals before taking a side in their parents’ divorce case. But one Nevada lawyer has taken the dubious step of actually representing his father against his mother. And as incredible as ...

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Law firm isn’t subject to automatic disqualification

An insurance defendant’s law firm wasn’t necessarily subject to disqualification based on the fact that one of its lawyers had in the past received confidential information from the plaintiffs, the California Court of Appeal has ruled in reversing a disqualification ...

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