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New HIPAA rule means big changes for doctors, hospitals

Doctors, hospitals, other medical providers and companies who do business with them are facing big changes as a result of new HIPAA regulations.

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8th Circuit blocks federal contraception mandate

The new federal requirement that all group health plans must include coverage for FDA-approved contraceptive methods probably violates the religious rights of an employer who is a devout Catholic, the 8th Circuit has ruled in granting a preliminary injunction.

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Obama administration moves forward on health care regs

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration has issued proposed rules under the Affordable Care Act that prohibit insurers from discriminating against people with preexisting health conditions and that outline policies and standards for health benefit plans and wellness programs, agency officials ...

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Catholic groups sue over birth control mandate

WASHINGTON – In a series of lawsuits filed across the country Monday, dozens of Roman Catholic archdiocese, schools and other organizations are seeking to block the recent Health and Human Services mandate that requires most employers to cover contraception in ...

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