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Court reverses Anna Nicole Smith’s $450 million bankruptcy award

Although a bankruptcy court had the statutory authority to enter judgment on Anna Nicole Smith’s tortious interference counterclaim as a “core proceeding,” it lacked the authority under Article III of the Constitution to do so, the U.S. Supreme Court has ...

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Defamation plaintiff with expunged record can’t sue

A plaintiff wasn’t defamed by a report of his criminal conviction in the literature of a political campaign, even though his record was ultimately expunged, the New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled in affirming a dismissal.

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Web message posters needn’t be identified

A plaintiff failed to establish her right to learn the identities of individuals who allegedly posted defamatory statements on an Internet message board, a Pennsylvania appellate court has ruled in vacating a discovery order.

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Former employee sues company over boss’ affair

A Texas woman who was promised a Christian working environment claims she was devastated after learning that her boss, a prominent televangelist, was having an affair and his company was trying to cover it up, according to a lawsuit she ...

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