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Connecticut insurance department issues new data breach requirement

The Connecticut Insurance Department has issued a bulletin to its licensees and registrants requiring them to notify the Department of any data security breaches affecting state residents within five calendar days of the breach.

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Cyber insurance increasingly important for lawyers

Once upon a time, cyber insurance was strictly for tech companies. But with 46 states enacting data breach notification legislation and a host of data security requirements under federal law, lawyers and law firms should also consider purchasing coverage.

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New HIPAA rules create lots of health care contract work

Lawyers can expect to be busy in the coming year reviewing and revising contracts of health care entities and related businesses in light of new proposed HIPAA rules. The rules spell out the new HIPAA obligations that Congress included in ...

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Mississippi joins ranks of states with data breach law

Mississippi became the 46th state to enact a data breach notification law earlier this month. Just four states – Alabama, Kentucky, New Mexico and South Dakota – have yet to pass legislation requiring a business to notify consumers if their personal information has been illegally obtained.

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States update data breach legislation

Three states recently updated their data breach notification laws, although California’s attempt at revised legislation was vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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