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Jury settles $562,500 fee dispute between two attorneys

Trial lawyer Michael Piuze is used to grabbing headlines for his work in the courtroom, mostly for winning billions of dollars for smokers against tobacco companies. Last month he was in court again, sitting at counsel’s table – but this time Piuze was away from his home state and not an attorney in a lawsuit, but a defendant.

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Attorney fees in Social Security case reduced to prevent ‘windfall’

A federal judge could apply the lodestar method to determine that a lawyer’s contingency fee in a Social Security case was unreasonable and subject to reduction as a “windfall,” the 5th Circuit has ruled in affirming judgment.

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Contingent fee reduced

A law firm could be required to refund a portion of a contingent fee that was deemed “unreasonable” based on events that occurred after the client executed her retainer agreement, the Colorado Court of Appeal has ruled in affirming judgment.

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