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Plaintiffs sue food companies over ‘all natural’ claims

A number of recent lawsuits filed by plaintiffs allege that companies are falsely advertising their products as “all natural” or “100 percent” natural when they in fact contain synthetic ingredients or genetically modified organisms.

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Banks face class actions for not modifying mortgage loans

Several class actions have been filed against banks around the country for not fulfilling promises to modify borrowers’ mortgage loans under the federal HAMP program.

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H&R Block to repay up to $19M in IRA fees

H&R Block Inc. will refund up to $19.4 million in fees to customers who bought an individual retirement account product, which the New York attorney general claims was a money loser because it charged more in fees than it paid in interest.

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Consumer can’t sue drug maker for fraud

A consumer cannot maintain an action under the state’s consumer fraud statute against a pharmaceutical company for concealing information about negative side effects of a cholesterol drug unless she establishes that she was “actually deceived” by an advertisement or communication ...

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Judge orders infomercial king to pay $50M

A federal judge ruled yesterday that Donald W. Barrett, the late-night pitchman, is on the hook for nearly $50 million for making false claims that his products cure cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other ailments.

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