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Obama makes controversial recess appointments

WASHINGTON – In a move that will almost certainly spur a legal challenge, President Barack Obama announced recess appointments to two federal agencies that have been the subjects of an ongoing battle between Republican members of Congress and the White ...

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GOP blocked confirmation vote on CFPB director

WASHINGTON – The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will remain without a permanent director after Senate Republicans blocked a confirmation vote on President Barack Obama’s pick to head the agency. The 53-45 vote Thursday fell seven votes below the 60 ...

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Future and authority of new consumer agency in doubt

WASHINGTON – This week a brand new federal agency tasked with regulating the nation’s consumer financial industry – including everything from debt collection practices to mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer contracts – is set to launch. And its future couldn’t ...

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Battle over mandatory arbitration shifts to Congress

GOP lawmakers are stepping up efforts to limit the authority of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a newly created agency that could have the power to limit mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer financial services contracts.

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