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Avoiding the risks of “accidental clients”

A hefty legal malpractice verdict in 2012 reminded attorneys to beware of “accidental clients.” A jury ordered Holland & Knight to pay $34.5 million to two investors who believed the firm was representing them in forming a business entity with ...

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What the small firm lawyer can – and should – guarantee

Under the Rules of Professional Conduct, guaranteeing a client a certain result in a legal matter has some limitations. However, lawyers and law firms can promise a level of effort and standards of service without violating any professional rules because exerting effort on a client’s case involves factors within the lawyer’s control. Here are tactics within the control of every lawyer and law firm to help do just that.

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Essential questions you should be asking your clients

In today’s economy, the legal field is fierce. If you are not asking your clients about their growing business needs, it’s safe to assume that someone else is. There are many opportunities throughout the life cycle of a client relationship for you to stop and check on your progress, whether it’s before you sign a retainer, midway through a case, or 20 years in. Here are some essential questions to ask.

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How to protect your practice from difficult clients

Keeping control of clients who become difficult to manage and making sure you filter out the not-so-good clients in the first place are essential to maintaining a successful law practice and holding on to your sanity. This can be especially important in family law matters, where emotions tend to run high, this also applies in other practice areas. Here are five “rules of engagement” to help you protect your practice and yourself from difficult clients.

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Effective client exit surveys

If you’ve ever wondered what your clients really think of you, try asking them. Client exit surveys are a useful management tool for small firm and solo attorneys, and they double as an effective marketing tool.

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The conversion process: From potential client to paying client

If you’re marketing well and generating a lot of inquiries, but only converting 50percent of your qualified inquiries into clients, something is wrong with your intake system. A high conversion is the result of an intake system that mixes hospitality, ...

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