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Reglan most litigated drug of 2011, latest ranking says

The anti-nausea drug Reglan and its generic counterparts were the drugs most frequently cited in litigation in 2011, according to a consumer watchdog’s latest analysis of Food and Drug Administration statistics.

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Chantix legal teams get ready for battle

Litigation over Pfizer’s quit-smoking drug Chantix is revving up, with the first pre-trial conference held earlier this week to determine leadership roles in the federal multi-district litigation.

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Suits claim harm from Pfizer quit-smoking drug

Three personal injury lawsuits were filed against Pfizer Inc. on Thursday, claiming its smoking cessation drug Chantix caused attempted suicides and death. The lawsuits, filed in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, claim that at the time the plaintiffs took Chantix, Pfizer did not tell doctors and patients about dangers it allegedly knew were related to the drug, including depression and thoughts of suicide.

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