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Jury awards $322 million to worker in asbestos case

As a teenager growing up in Mississippi who barely learned to read or write, Thomas Brown Jr. went to work on oil drilling rigs as a “roughneck” – doing all the hard manual labor to support the drilling team, including pouring 50-pound bags of additives into mud used in the drilling process. Thirty years later, he learned those bags contained asbestos.

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Worker’s wife awarded $209M for asbestos-laced laundry

Like many women of her generation, 68-year-old Rhoda Evans took care of the home, did the cooking and cleaning, and tended to the family laundry, including washing her husband's work clothes during his twenty years at a pipe-cutting job. Years later, she learned those clothes - the ones she insisted he remove and shake out every night upon entering their home - contained microscopic asbestos fibers that will kill her.

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