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AAJ urges CFPB to scrutinize use of arbitration clauses

WASHINGTON – Calling the use of binding pre-dispute arbitration clauses in consumer contracts a “practice of forcing consumers to give up fundamental rights,” the American Association for Justice is calling on federal regulators to study the prevalence of such clauses ...

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Deadline unites foes over PI settlement reporting rule

A looming deadline that will require reporting of personal injury settlements to Medicare has united trial lawyers who are normally adversaries in personal injury cases.

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Study finds plaintiffs rarely win medical malpractice cases

WASHINGTON – While most doctors and nearly all surgeons will face at least one medical malpractice claim over the course of their careers, the vast majority of those claims end without any financial payout, according to a new study by ...

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Will Medicare reporting delay speed up PI settlements?

Once again, controversial reporting rules that require liability insurers to inform Medicare of personal injury settlements have been postponed - and plaintiffs' lawyers are hoping the delay will encourage settlements.

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