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E-discovery challenges: The next generation

Not that long ago, lawyers could hope for some slack from judges in coping with e-discovery demands. But those days are numbered. Courts are growing impatient and cracking down on parties and lawyers who are unprepared or uneducated about electronically ...

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Not the retiring type: Lawyers fight back against mandatory retirement policies

For a variety of reasons, law firms are changing their thinking about retirement policies. Increasingly, partners are staying on after they turn 65, 70, and even older. Some of them, however, are encountering problems with established law firm policies that specify an age by which they must retire.

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Getting a handle on your malpractice insurance

The mere mention of malpractice can make even the most seasoned attorney shudder. Many lawyers don’t know everything they should about their malpractice insurance, and they are afraid to ask. Below are questions to consider when buying, renewing or changing your ...

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