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Bad economy can mean more divorce cases

The household financial pressures caused by an economic downturn can exacerbate marital strife, causing a spike in the divorce rate, experts say. That means more business for divorce lawyers - but often a more damaging split for the parties from a financial perspective. And this can make the cases much tougher to handle.

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Battling the cash flow problem

Attorneys waiting for settlement payments are often caught in a cash flow squeeze that forces some tough choices: Do they trim staff? Cut back on litigation costs? Or, worst of all, turn away a promising case? None of those choices are attractive, but with the downturn in the economy, more attorneys find themselves facing them. "A lot of lawyers are having a hard time," said Ron Dersovitz, a New Jersey lawyer-turned-financier. His company, RD Legal Funding, offers a solution to his cash-strapped colleagues: cash advances on signed settlement agreements for a fee, depending on how long it takes the attorney to repay the advance.

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Karate law

David Kaufman has never been one to take the straight road to success. He started his career as a Ph.D. economist, decided to go to law school at age 40, spent a grand total of six months in a big ...

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Improv training can improve your trial skills

It’s not a setting where you would expect to find trial lawyers trying to hone courtroom skills, but improv classes can help litigators improve their courtroom presence and sharpen their ability to deal with the unexpected. In addition, improv classes ...

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