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Taking storytelling to a new level in the courtroom

Most lawyers with any natural storytelling ability had it beaten out of them in law school. But all hope is not lost. In his new book, ‘Twelve Heroes, One Voice,’ trial lawyer Carl Bettinger draws from a variety of stories, from ‘The Odyssey’ to ‘The Matrix’, to show how a jury trial mimics the story arc of every hero-centric tale – with the happy ending being what Bettinger calls a “verdict with a capital V.”

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Analyzing jurors’ handwriting

Alice Weiser works for attorneys and law firms, helping them “unselect” potential jurors by analyzing handwriting as well as body language and facial expressions. Weiser spoke with Lawyers USA about how she analyzes a jury pool and helps guides attorneys to victory.

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Establishing ground rules to help jurors judge your case

Baseball has a strike zone and the infield fly rule, basketball has personal and team fouls, and in the litigation arena there are pre-trial and in-limine rulings. Litigators understand what playing field they are on and which guidelines they are expected to follow. Jurors, on the other hand, know how to behave as spectators but they usually are not given legal instruction – the rules that guide their verdicts – until the end of the case, and that can be devastating to your argument. Trial consultant Richard Gabriel offers some advice to help make sure the jury understands your rules for the case.

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