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Redefining expert witness credibility for juries

Juries routinely dismiss expert testimony due to credibility problems, incomprehensibility, or simply because it is cancelled out by another expert’s testimony. This leads to a number of important questions for the attorney and the expert in presenting testimony at trial. ...

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Attorneys consider pursuing e-discovery for smaller cases

Sharon Nelson, left, watches fellow e-discovery lawyer Bruce Olson during their March 29 presentation on case discovery at the American Bar Association’s Techshow in Chicago. Attorneys need to be aware of potential ethical obligations, Olson and Nelson said, in considering whether to use e-discovery in small cases.

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Private trials: Avoiding the costs and delays of the courts

All litigants on both sides of the aisle have been squeezed by the exponential complexity of litigation and the accompanying time and expense of discovery and trial. But while this strain causes some parties to settle cases rather than deal with prolonged trial dates, there will always be a place for parties to have their matters resolved by a representative cross-section of the community, and some additional but seldom used remedies are available for those parties who do not want to wait for the courts.

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Big Brother can help your case

With electronic surveillance at an all-time high and smartphones equipped with video cameras, video evidence is an increasingly common – and important – element of a case.

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