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Former principal wins, then loses, $155.7 million verdict

The former principal of a successful charter school has won a disputed $155.7 million verdict against the city manager for destroying her reputation. However, the plaintiff lost her courtroom victory three days after the verdict when the trial judge erased the entire award, finding that the manager who fired her was entitled to absolute immunity.

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Marijuana plants couldn’t be seized in ‘knock and talk’

Marijuana plants observed by police during a “knock and talk” were not subject to seizure under the plain view exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement, the North Carolina Court of Appeals has ruled in reversing a conviction.

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Broker may be liable for inadequate policy

An insured may bring a negligence suit against an insurance broker for failure to procure adequate insurance coverage even though the insured accepted the policy without reading it, New York’s highest court has ruled.

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Testimony on prior stabbing inadmissible in manslaughter trial

The introduction of evidence in a manslaughter trial that the defendant once stabbed a man in the thigh as evidence of her general anger towards men was improper and extremely prejudicial, New York’s highest court has ruled in reversing her ...

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