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This Month’s Edition

Wanted: A few good verdicts

As exhaustively as our staff searches for Top Ten verdicts, we can't be in every lawyer's and clerk's office in America. That means we need to rely on our readers to bring verdicts of note to our attention. So please, if you have an interesting verdict, tell us! If a colleague won a difficult case, let us know! Your fellow readers will thank you. And we will too.

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Getting your firm on a firm financial footing

With the economy in shambles, it’s a good time to put your firm’s financial house in order. That’s the word from Linda C. Shely, a Scottsdale, Ariz. solo attorney who provides ethics and risk management advice to lawyers and law ...

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Prioritizing your marketing time

Too busy practicing law to even think about marketing your law firm? If you plan your time well, you can make progress on your marketing even if you only spend about an hour a day on it, says Jim Hassett ...

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Negotiating a lease

Few decisions are as important to a legal practitioner as finding the right home for the business. Luke Raimondo, a Los Angeles-based attorney and law firm consultant who represents firms in lease negotiations, assignments and office purchase transactions, offers some tips for negotiating an office lease.

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Voir dire tips for med-mal cases

Every trial lawyer knows how important it is to pick a good jury. Voir dire gives attorneys the opportunity to unearth biases and winnow out jurors likely to vote against their clients. In medical malpractice cases, questions posed during voir dire can identify potential jurors' feelings about lawsuits and damages in general. It's also a chance to unearth beliefs about physicians and the medical profession, as well as the patient's role in the health care process. Lawyers USA asked several veteran trial consultants and plaintiffs' trial lawyers to share their favorite voir dire questions in med-mal cases, and to explain how those questions can increase the odds of a courtroom victory.

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