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This Month’s Edition

Calling the expert’s bluff

Washington attorney Rick Friedman is the go-to trial lawyer many plaintiffs' attorneys call when they need someone to score a victory. In a recent interview with Lawyers USA, Friedman discussed one aspect of his strategy: Calling the expert's bluff.

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What’s on your desk?

Michael Portnoy Portnoy is a senior attorney at Covington Health Care in Bethesda, Md. He has an enthusiasm for sports, and it shows in his office: I have three pictures, one of me with my wife, Kimberly, one of me ...

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Can I put that on your card?

Times are getting tougher. Businesses are trimming expenses where possible. In these difficult times, how can a law firm ensure that it will be paid for the legal work that it does? New Lawyers USA columnist Jim Calloway takes a look at one way law firms can help ensure they will be paid for the legal work they do.

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