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Business and Civil Practice

Benchmarks: Tobacco giants would admit ‘lies’ under judge’s order

A federal judge has ordered the nation’s top cigarette makers to issue public statements to correct decades of “false and misleading” claims about the dangers and addictiveness of smoking.

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Broker may be liable for inadequate policy

An insured may bring a negligence suit against an insurance broker for failure to procure adequate insurance coverage even though the insured accepted the policy without reading it, New York’s highest court has ruled.

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Justices: Contract’s validity for arbitrator to decide

The Oklahoma Supreme Court failed to follow the substantive law of the Federal Arbitration Act when it declared the noncompetition agreements in two employment contracts null and void, rather than leaving that determination to the arbitrator in the first instance, ...

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Benchmarks: HIPAA doesn’t preempt wrongful disclosure suit

A West Virginia man can sue for the wrongful disclosure of his mental health records to his estranged wife and her divorce attorney as a result of last week’s decision by the state’s highest court that HIPAA does not preempt ...

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Courts weigh in on social media discovery requests

Lawyers still making their way along the learning curve of social media evidence may struggle to find guidance from court opinions. But two recent decisions with different results offer some clues on how to narrowly focus a discovery request to ...

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