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Benchmarks: Federal judge blasts Mississippi’s cap on damages

A federal judge expressed his frustration with Mississippi’s cap on noneconomic damages when earlier this month he trimmed $4.45 million from a medical malpractice verdict compensating a family for the loss of a young mother and her unborn child.

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Benchmarks: State Farm must defend drunk homeowner

A Pennsylvania court ruled earlier this month that State Farm had a duty to defend a 71-year-old homeowner sued for shooting a houseguest he mistook for an intruder. The Pennsylvania Superior Court concluded that the fact the homeowner, James DeCoster, ...

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Benchmarks: Ex-NCAA quarterback can pursue publicity claim against EA Sports

The First Amendment does not bar the lawsuit of a former Rutgers quarterback who claims that EA Sports used his likeness without permission in the immensely popular “NCAA Football” series of video games. That’s the conclusion reached Tuesday by the ...

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