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Med-mal interest rate ruling gets R.I. bar’s notice

In a ruling that is being hailed by the plaintiffs’ bar, the Rhode Island Supreme Court recently upheld the constitutionality of the state statute that mandates 12 percent interest on medical-malpractice verdicts, while also shedding new light on whether a ...

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Contributory negligence standard survives challenge in Maryland

Long before the Civil War, the high court of Maryland instituted the doctrine of contributory negligence. On Tuesday, the current high court of Maryland said that if anyone is going to change that rule – which bars any chance of ...

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Affordable Care Act retroactively applied to ‘black lung’ claim

A miner’s widow was not required to prove the cause of her husband’s death in order to recover “black lung” benefits under a survivor claim pending when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was enacted in 2010, the 11th ...

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