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Sales Tax – Container Leasing.

A company that leases containers used in international shipping can be subjected to a state sales tax; this does not violate the Commerce Clause, the Import-Export Clause or the Supremacy Clause. U.S. Supreme Court. Itel Containers International Corp. v. Huddleston, ...

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A federal court that is asked to reapportion state legislative districts should defer to a state court which is performing its own redistricting. U.S. Supreme Court. Growe v. Emison, No. 91-1420. February 23, 1993. Lawyers Weekly USA No. 9900139) (16 ...

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Voting Rights Act.

A state’s legislative districting plan can deliberately create districts with high minority concentrations even if this is not a remedy for past discrimination. U.S. Supreme Court. Voinovich v. Quilter, No. 91-1618. March 2, 1993. Lawyers Weekly USA No. 9900140) (14 ...

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Indian Crimes.

The state of Kansas can prosecute an Indian for shooting another Indian on an Indian reservation; this is permitted under the Kansas Act, 18 U.S.C. § 3243. U.S. Supreme Court. Negonsott v. Samuels, No. 91-5397. February 24, 1993. Lawyers Weekly ...

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Where the Immigration Service arrests alien children who are not accompanied by a parent, guardian or close relative, it may detain them in a juvenile care facility instead of releasing them to another responsible party; this does not violate due ...

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