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Court to decide if state claim is ‘mass action’ under CAFA

WASHINGTON – In a case that will have a major effect on the way states bring consumer protection actions against alleged corporate wrongdoers, the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether a state-law -based parens patriae action is removable ...

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Is a state law-based parens patriae action removable as a “mass action” under the Class Action Fairness Act when the state is the sole plaintiff? See “Court to decide if state claim is ‘mass action’ under CAFA.” Mississippi ex rel. ...

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Does the offense of aiding and abetting the use of a firearm during a violent or drug crime require proof of intentional facilitation or encouragement of the use of the firearm, or simple knowledge that the principal used a firearm ...

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Court takes up peeved airline flyer’s preemption case

WASHINGTON – A long running battle between a Minnesota frequent flyer and an airline carrier has landed before the U.S. Supreme Court, giving the justices yet another chance to weigh in on whether a federal law preempts a state law-based ...

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