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Can marketing your practice make you happier?

There’s been a dramatic shift in how psychologists view happiness. Conventional wisdom holds that if we work hard and apply ourselves, success will follow. And once we are successful, we’ll be happy. But apparently we’ve had this all wrong. Harvard ...

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The conversion process: From potential client to paying client

If you’re marketing well and generating a lot of inquiries, but only converting 50percent of your qualified inquiries into clients, something is wrong with your intake system. A high conversion is the result of an intake system that mixes hospitality, ...

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How to turn your firm into a media magnet

Being featured, quoted, or profiled by various publications, appearing on radio talk shows or being interviewed on television can be an enormous boost to your credibility. Since most of you won't have clients whose story automatically brings the press to your door, you must learn how to attract the attention of the press on your own. All it takes is creativity, patience and persistence.

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Romancing your referral sources

How can attorneys get potential referral sources to like and trust them enough to send business, without actually looking like they need that business? Columnists Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis take a look at the cultivation process, step-by-step.

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