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The FAA does not permit courts to invalidate a contractual waiver of class arbitration on the ground that the plaintiff’s cost of individually arbitrating a federal statutory claim exceeds the potential recovery. See “Justices: High cost no bar to class ...

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Court nixes Ariz. proof of citizenship law

WASHINGTON – In the first of two widely-anticipated voting rights decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court this month, the justices struck down a voter imposed Arizona law requiring residents to show proof of citizenship in order to register to vote ...

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Arizona’s evidence-of-citizenship requirement, as applied to Federal Form voter registration applicants, is pre-empted by the federal National Voter Registration Act. See “Court nixes Ariz. proof of citizenship law.” U.S. Supreme Court. Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Ariz. Inc., No. ...

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The Fifth Amendment right to remain silent is not self-executing; it must be expressly invoked by a witness during pre-arrest questioning by police. See “Court: Silence not enough to invoke ‘Miranda’ right.” U.S. Supreme Court. Salinas v. Texas, No. 12-246. ...

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The Red River Compact does not preempt Oklahoma water statutes. See “Court backs Okla. in Texas water rights dispute.” U.S. Supreme Court. Tarrant Regional Water Dist. v. Herrmann, No. 11-889. June 13, 2013. Lawyers USA No. 993-3475.  

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