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Tips on borrowing money to start your practice

Attorneys looking to open their own firms often face an uphill battle when it comes to finding enough funds. If you need to borrow money to start a law practice, how can do it without spending a lifetime in the red? Here are some tips from practice management experts.

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$40M awarded in DUI death

An Arizona jury has awarded $40 million to the parents of a teenager killed by a drunk driver in 2008. Approximately one-third of the award will be paid by the city of Tucson. The lawsuit alleged that the bike lane of the intersection, where the child and his friend were riding their bicycles, was too narrow.

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Tips for the out-of-town lawyer

Attorneys who take cases outside their state or region learn quickly that it isn’t easy to be a fish out of water. From different procedures to culturally different jurors, here are some ways a lawyer can handle an out-of-town case.

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