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Federal defamation trial results in $4.5 million verdict

On one side, Christopher Armstrong, an openly gay former University of Michigan student body president, claimed that a series of blog attacks and stalking incidents from a then-assistant attorney general was defamatory, and constituted invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. On the other side, defendant Andrew Shirvell, who represented himself, maintained he was within his First Amendment rights to say what he did about Armstrong’s supposed “radical homosexual agenda.” A federal court jury found that Shirvell was wrong and his actions were enough to merit $4.5 million in damages.

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Michigan chiropractor awarded $7 million

A Michigan jury has awarded Dr. Micheil Hanczaryk and his practice, Bristol Chiropractic Centre, nearly $7 million on claims of breach of contract, negligence, failure to honor good faith duties and false light invasion of privacy against his carrier, Podiatry Insurance Co. of America (PICA).

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Attorney fights shell game to track responsibility for death

Walter Polomski died in 2008 after choking on a golf ball-sized meatball at a nursing care facility. His family had to relive that nightmare during the ensuing negligence trial. But in trying to get answers as to who was ultimately ...

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Defense scores win in FLSA case

In terms of employee classification, does an IRS determination letter trump the Fair Labor Standards Act in a jury’s eyes? That’s the issue Karl P. Numinen was up against in fighting claims that three independent contractors who worked for his ...

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