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Supreme Court ruling levels playing field for developers

Land use attorneys across the state are hailing a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that greatly reduces the amount of leverage municipalities can wield in granting developers permits. A 5-4 majority in Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District held ...

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Bankruptcy bar braces for new fee guidelines

Bankruptcy practitioners are bracing themselves for a new set of guidelines that will drastically change the way their fee petitions are reviewed in large Chapter 11 cases.

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Guardian ad litem blows whistle on overbilling by big banks


When Warren M. Yanoff agreed to review the fees a bank charged to administer an Ashburnham, Mass., woman’s $5.5 million estate, he assumed it was a run-of-the-mill guardian ad litem appointment, much like others he has accepted over the years. ...

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Defamation case exposes social media controversy


A Massachusetts judge’s refusal to issue an injunction in a suit involving a car dealership allegedly defamed by the relatives of an ex-employee demonstrates the struggle for courts that are asked to strike a balance between the First Amendment and ...

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Jury finds tavern not to blame for beating

A Massachusetts jury has rejected plaintiff’s allegations that over-serving by a Gloucester-area bar, inadequate security and failure to call police were contributing causes in the beating of a gay man that occurred just outside the establishment.

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