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Verdicts and Settlements Archive
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2009-03-24
Click here to view all Verdicts and Settlements reported by Lawyers USA before April 2009….
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Verdicts and Settlements: Correction
Posted by: dmc-admin on 1995-06-05
In the Verdicts and Settlements column in the May 8, 1995 issue of Lawyers Weekly USA, 95 LWUSA 406, in a report entitled “Medical Malpractice – Leg Rendered Dysfunctional,” Robyn David-Harris was incorrectly described as a lost earnings and economic damages expert in Louisville, Ky. In fact, David-Harris is a vocational economic analyst in…
Brain Injury In PI Case Results in $705,000 Settlement
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2007-02-19
Type of Action: Personal injury Injuries Alleged: Traumatic brain injury, injury to shoulders, neck and back. Name of Case: John E. Freedom v. Swift Transportation Company, Co., Inc. and James E. Johnston Court: U.S. District Court, Eastern Division Case No.: 5:04-CV-51-H(2) Tried Before: Mediation Name of Judge: N/A Verdict/Settlement: Settlement Amount: $705,000 Verdict Date:…
Structured settlement totals $2.5 million
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2006-06-19
Type of Action: Motor Vehicle Injuries Alleged: Death of 56-year-old male, leaving 52-year-old widow and children ages 12, 18 and 32. Name of Case: Confidential Court: U.S. District Court, Harrisonburg Tried before: Settled/Mediation Name of Judge: Glen Conrad Special Damages: Funeral Expenses $6,150 Verdict or Settlement: Settled Amount: Structured with present value $2.5 million…
Confidential Settlement For Kernicterus From Newborn Jaundice
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2007-02-19
Type of Action: Medical malpractice Injuries Alleged: Kernicterus from newborn jaundice Name of Case: Confidential Court: Confidential Case No.: Confidential Tried Before: Mediation Name of Judge: N/A Special Damages: Cerebral palsy, cochlear implants Verdict/Settlement: Settlement Amount: Confidential Verdict Date: 2006 Experts: Steven Shapiro, MD – Pediatric Neurology, Medical College of Virgina Plaintiff Attorney: Tracy…
Asbestos lawyers must pay $420K fraud verdict
Posted by: Pat Murphy on 2012-06-05
Two Mississippi lawyers last week failed in their bid to overturn a $420,000 federal verdict against them for their alleged fraud and bad faith in obtaining asbestos settlements. Click here to read the full article, and visit the Lawyers USA home page at lawyersusaonline.com .  …
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Submit Verdict
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2009-03-19
You may submit reports of verdicts and settlements for publication in a future issue of Lawyers USA. All information provided in Verdict & Settlement Report submissions is subject to verification prior to publication. Please read the terms below before submitting the form. Questions about Verdict & Settlement Reports should be directed to Tony Ogden at…
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High-low agreement qualifies as settlement
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2007-05-21
An activated high-low agreement constitutes a settlement under state law and is subject to the rules governing settlements, the New York Appellate Division has ruled. The parties in a personal injury case entered into a high-low agreement prior to trial. When the jury awarded damages above the ceiling of the agreement, the damages cap kicked…
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Structured settlement totals $2.5M
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2007-01-22
Type of Action: Motor vehicle Injuries Alleged: Death of a child, leaving parents and siblings Name of Case: Confidential Court: Confidential Special Damages: Funeral expenses: $11,151.21; Medical bills: $70,275.51 Verdict or Settlement: Settled Amount: Structured with present value of $2.5 million Most helpful Experts: Dr. Jeffrey L. Frederick – focus group; Mila Tecala -…
Dramshop Verdict Nets $3M For Teen's Estate
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2001-12-24
The decedent is survived by an adult brother and sister, and divorced mother and father. Type of action: Dramshop/Auto Accident Type of injuries: Death of 14 year old Name of case: Bowen v. Supermart, et al. Court/case no./date: Genesee County Circuit Court, #98-62998-NI Name of judge: Geoffrey Neithercut Jury demand: Yes Verdict or settlement…

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