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Age Discrimination (92378)
Posted by: dmc-admin on 1994-01-01
Economic, Emotional Injury…
The Roth IRA – A Tax Break That's 'Too Good to Be True'≠
Posted by: dmc-admin on 1997-09-22
The “Roth IRA,” which was created by the new tax law, may be a terrific opportunity for lawyers and their clients. It’s “a tremendous planning tool,” says Seymour Goldberg of Garden City, N.Y., the author of a book on IRA planning. It’s “a fabulous deal, almost too good to be true,” says Richard Franklin,…
Category(s): Front Page Story
Roth IRA Tax Break Is Limited by the IRS
Posted by: dmc-admin on 1998-11-02
A big Roth IRA tax break has been limited by the IRS in an “interim guidance” that amends proposed rules. The break allows a taxpayer who converted a regular IRA to a Roth IRA and then saw its value decline to save taxes by undoing the transaction and then redoing it later — thus…
Category(s): Bills Rules and Regs
Is Arbitration Agreement Barring Punitives Enforceable?
Posted by: dmc-admin on 2003-03-17
The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments late last month in a case that raises the question of whether an arbitration agreement that bars punitive damages is enforceable. In a case arising out of a class action filed by some 600,000 doctors against 15 HMOs, the 11th Circuit had found that doctors’ RICO claims…
Category(s): News Story
Justices ask if race-conscious job actions are biased
Posted by: Kimberly Atkins on 2009-04-22
WASHINGTON – During oral arguments Wednesday, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court tackled the thorny issue of whether an employment action meant to prevent minorities from being denied promotions can itself be discriminatory. The case, Ricci v. DeStefano , involves the refusal by New Haven’s Civil Service Board to certify test results that…
Can a prisoner use 1983 to access DNA evidence?
Posted by: Kimberly Atkins on 2010-10-13
WASHINGTON – Can 1983 be used to assert a prisoner’s right to access DNA evidence from his trial for testing? That is the question the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court pondered during oral arguments in Skinner v. Switzer . Henry Skinner was convicted of the murder of his live-in girlfriend Twila Busby and…
Supremes return, SCOTUS bar loses Texas litigator
Posted by: Kimberly Atkins on 2010-11-29
The U.S. Supreme Court resumes oral arguments this morning, and the justices are also expected to issue orders this morning. Tomorrow the Court is set to release one or more opinions. We’ll keep you updated on newsworthy developments. And tragic news to report: Gregory S. Coleman, the former Texas solicitor general who has argued number…
Category(s): Supreme Court

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