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Mais oui! Breyer inducted into French academy

We already knew that Justice Stephen G. Breyer is perfectly comfortable speaking French. Now, he has a new reason to keep his foreign language skills sharp.

Monday Breyer was inducted as a foreign member of France’s Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, The New York Times reports. The academy is one of five of the Institut de France, and its membership is limited to 50 individual from France and only 12 from outside the country.

Breyer joins the likes of only a few Americans, including Thomas Jefferson, to get the nod from the organization. “The event is a recognition by a great institution of France of the institution to which I belong, the Supreme Court,” Justice Breyer said after the ceremony on Monday, the Times reported. “Our institutions flow from the enlightenment, and we’ve always seen our institutions working together.”


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