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Breyer and Kennedy land on TMZ

Though Supreme Court justices are tasked with deciding the nation’s most consequential legal issues, they are also usually able to walk to streets incognito. Few Americans can identify members of the Court on sight or even name most of them. But perhaps that is changing, because last week Justices Anthony M. Kennedy and Stephen G. Breyer landed on TMZ, the gossip website that usually focuses on celebrities and reality stars.

As Breyer and Kennedy entered a congressional office building on their way to testify about the judiciary’s budget, a TMZ reporter asked a question inquiring minds apparently wanted to know: “Justice, do you ever watch ‘Judge Judy’ or ‘Judge Mathis’ sometimes?”

Kennedy ignored the reporter. Breyer simply shook his head. It’s unclear whether the head shake meant that Breyer does not watch the courtroom television shows, or if he simply was in disbelief.

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