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O’Connor talks ‘Out of Order’

Justice Sonia M. Sotomayor isn’t the only justice on the media circuit to promote a book. Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor went on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” yesterday to talk about her new book, “Out of Order.” She wrote the book, she said, to tell ” some of the stories about how the Court works, and giving people a glimpse into some things.”

When Stewart asked the justice whether she sometimes wishes she were still on the Court to weigh in on some of its major cases, she said no.

“When they have a terribly difficult decision, I usually say to myself: Thank goodness I don’t have to be there deciding that!” O’Connor said.

O’Connor said she sometimes has lunch with the current justices at the Court.

“How hard is it to get consensus on the order for lunch?” Steward asked, earning a hearty laugh from the Court’s first female justice.

“You’re just ordering for yourself, so it’s pretty easy,” O’Connor said.

“So there was never any power in being the swing justice for, let’s say, we’re going to get fajitas?” Stewart deadpanned.

“For lunch? No,” O’Connor said.

See the full interview on Comedy Central’s website.

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  1. Ms. O’Connor seemed disturbingly off her game. She apparently was completely unaware of the Shelby County case now before the Court, something every informed person has heard about in recent days. When Stewart asked about that section of the Voting Rights Act she mumbled something about how it might be challenged someday. When he asked about former Justices she admired or whose opinions were well written, she gave Palinesque answers like, “There are many of those.”, clearly struggling to recall anyone at all.

    Age takes a toll on all of us. It’s a matter of public interest only because she is still hearing cases at the appellate level.

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