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Another Second Amendment case heading to the SCOTUS?

Just days before Friday’s horrific shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, a 7th Circuit ruling raised the possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court could soon take up another Second Amendment case.

Last week’s ruling, by Judge Richard Posner – who interestingly enough has been vocally critical of Justice Antonin G. Scalia’s opinion in the landmark Second Amendment case D.C. v. Heller – wrote the majority opinion striking down Illinois’ statewide ban on carrying concealed weapons. That ruling creates a split of sorts with other circuits that have largely upheld local and state gun control laws.

Meanwhile, the recent events seem to have boosted public interest in the Second Amendment. Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute reported on its Facebook page Saturday: “On an average day, the Second Amendment is viewed 700-900 times at the LII. Yesterday, it was 12,304.”


  1. The second does not say you have right to bare arms. Read it all you gun nuts.

  2. Unimpressed Pragmatist

    It is time that the liberals and others, who believe that disarming We the People is a correct and necessary procedure, realize that this world is not Nirvana or Utopia and that there are thousands, if not millions, who would just as soon kill as look at you. True, many of these are mentally ill but they should and can be recognized as such and prevented from obtaining firearms. However, the others are driven by personal agendas that compel them to commit acts of violence and We the People should be able to defend ourselves against them

    In areas of this nation where the right to bear a concealed weapon is allowed, the rate of violent crimes has dropped, significantly. A sane person does not want to take the chance that if he/she draws a weapon to commit a crime they may face a sea of heavily armed citizens ready and able to dispatch them to their ultimate fate.

    Furthermore, the Founders of our nation realized that governments, however well intended, that have no fear of the citizenry, will progress to tyranny and repression. Therefore, they gave the average citizen the right and the power to stand against such government and bring it down if necessary. The birdbrain liberals and their fellow travelers should not be allowed to second guess the wisdom of the Founders and impose their do-gooder but naïve beliefs on We the People. In fact, a larger, not smaller armed populace would prevent the tragedies of the theater and school shootings we have experienced in recent times.

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