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Angry Scalia

Justice Antonin G. Scalia is already known to be the funniest justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. But this week he seems to be developing a reputation of also being the angriest.

In his new book “The Oath,” Jeffrey Toobin claims that Scalia was “furious” and “enraged” at  Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. for his final vote in the health care law case, which upheld most of the law as a constitutional exercise of Congress’ tax and spend powers. The tome, which claims that Scalia has become more cranky and fixated on politics, also asserts that Scalia’s anger at the health care ruling was a driving force behind his prickly dissent in the Arizona immigration law case, according to the Hill.

But Scalia probably isn’t too happy about the book either. He told attendees at a New York event this week that it “enrages” him when people refer to the court as “politicized,” according to the Associated Press.

Scalia also returned fire in his ongoing verbal battle with Judge Richard Posner, accusing the 7th Circuit judge of being less than truthful in his review of Scalia’s latest book. “To say that I used legislative history is simply, to put it bluntly, a lie,” Scalia said in an interview with Reuters.

To hear how Scalia verbally spars with colleague Justice Stephen Breyer during oral arguments, check out Lawyers USA‘s audio feature: “At the High Court, it’s still Scalia v. Breyer.”

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