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Thomas discusses equality, Supreme Court dynamics

Justice Clarence Thomas, speaking at an event in Washington honoring the 225th anniversary of the Constitution, said growing up in segregated Georgia never effected his self esteem “because from day one, we knew we were equal.”

“It said so,” Thomas said. “The nuns said so, my grandfather said so, and by golly, the Declaration of independence said so.”

Thomas also echoed the sentiment of other justices in recent months, saying that the Court is not riddled with division now, nor during any time during his two-decade tenure.

“I’ve been there now though a number of members of the Court,” Thomas said. “And in the years that I have been there, I honestly come away thinking that every member really wants to make it work. Every single member. They don’t agree with each other, but somehow they agree that this is more important than we are, and we’ve got to make this work.”

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