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Kagan: Acrimony? No. Fro yo? Yes!

Justice Elena Kagan is the latest Supreme Court jurist to dismiss the notion that high-profile, split decisions like the health care law ruling result in lingering acrimony among members of the Court.

“Sometimes you read these opinions and you think ‘they must hate each other.’ It’s just not true,” Kagan said during an appearance at the University of Michigan, the Detroit News reports. “We have enormous respect for each other and a feeling that we are all operating in good faith.”

Besides, she added: “If you take this stuff personally, this is going to be a long life tenure.”

Though she has the least seniority on the Court, and as such is assigned duties such as taking notes and answering the door if someone knocks during the justices’ conferences, she already has a very proud achievement: having a frozen yogurt machine installed in the Court’s cafeteria.

The students in the crowd cheered the move. “That’s what the Supreme Court staff thinks, too,” Kagan responded. “So when it comes to the end of my term, if I’ve accomplished anything, at least there’s that.”



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