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Kennedy defends judicial gathering, blasts the confirmation process

(Photo: 9th Circuit)

At the 9th Circuit’s judicial conference in Maui – which drew the ire of some lawmakers due to its $1 million taxpayer-funded tab – Justice Anthony M. Kennedy defended the gathering, saying it was important for members of the judiciary and the bar to gather to continue to educate themselves and advance the rule of law.

“The circuit conference is a prudent and a proper exercise of the judicial function,” Kennedy said in his remarks at the conference on Monday. “If the American public knows, and they should know, of what we do at this conference, they would be and should be immensely proud, not only the judiciary and the members of the academy and of the bar who are here, but of the idea of law in itself.”

Kennedy also criticized the judicial confirmation process, which he said has been damaged by partisan politics. “This is bad for the legal system,” Kennedy said. “It makes the judiciary look politicized when it is not, and it has to stop.”

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