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Court likely to take up DNA evidence collection case

In recent years the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court have already demonstrated a fondness for cases involving the use of DNA evidence. And it appears that yet another could be added to the docket next term.

In an order by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., released Monday, the Court temporarily blocked a Maryland state court ruling that stopped police from collecting DNA evidence from arrested individuals. In that order Roberts noted – as is required for injunctive relief to be granted – that there was a “reasonable probability” that the high court will take the case and a “fair prospect” that the state court ruling would be reversed by the Court, according to the Associated Press.

“Because the DNA samples Maryland collects may otherwise be eligible for the FBI’s national DNA database, the decision renders the database less effective for other States and the Federal Government,” Roberts’ order states.

More here from the AP, and more Supreme Court news and analysis can be found on Lawyers USA’s Supreme Court Report.

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