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Ginsburg latest justice to receive bobbling honor

Image from The Green Bag

Just in time to celebrate the beginning of her 20th year on the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being honored with a bobblehead doll.

The waggling desktop statuette, produced by the folks at the alternative legal journal The Green Bag, features the justice standing on the parade grounds of the Virginia Military Institute (a nod to her opinion in the gender discrimination case U.S. v. Virginia), holding in her left hand Samuel Johnson’s, A Dictionary of the English Language (which she cites in the copyright case Eldred v. Ashcroft), and in her right hand she holds a tire-treaded plug to a safe that contains at least 13 cents and is adorned with an Alabama lily (we’ll let you guess the case to which that imagery alludes).

As always, the figurines cannot be purchased. The publication sends them to a select number of recipients ranging from subscribers to the justices themselves. But there is no guarantee of who will get their hands on one. As the publication’s website states: “We distribute these items willy-nilly, with no promises to anyone about what we might make, when we might make it, or who might get it.”

Ginsburg is the 16th bobblehead of former and current justices that the publication has released.

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